A short list of current happenings that are more important than Justin Bieber’s arrest:
An Indian village council sentenced a woman to be gang-raped as punishment for having a relationship they didn’t approve of.
Rep. Steve Pearce (R-NM) explains in his recent memoir that it is the wife’s role to “voluntarily submit, just as the husband is to lovingly lead and sacrifice.”
Political unrest in the Ukraine
There are known carcinogens in some of your favorite drinks.
The justice system once again confirmed that it’s okay for cops to kill unarmed law-abiding PoC for no reason. 
South Sudan has signed a truce.
There are still states that give parental rights to rapists.
A brain-dead woman is being kept alive, against the wishes of her family, because she’s carrying a severely disabled fetus.
Childhood poverty has reached record levels in America.
Mike Huckabee proves to everyone that he’s still a moron when it comes to women and birth control.
The weather is basically drunk right now. 
A bill in Montreal seeks to ban “overt and conspicuous” symbols of religion.
The inflation rate is 30% in Argentina
A second chemical was spilled in WV and the company didn’t admit to it until now.
"But when we go into a library and look at all those bookcases stretching into the distance, what descends on our soul, if not grace?"

The Library of Unrequited Love by Sophie Divry (via simplybookdrunk)

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'Star Drunk,' a film by drunk people (by ChrisRWilsonFilm)

Written drunk. Acted drunk.


There is no day in space, idiot!

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Kern Country Animal Control in Bakersfield, California is shutting down on September 30th, 2013 and over 700 animals are being put down.

DOGS ARE $15 AND CATS ARE $5. ALL animals are fixed and have shots.

ADDRESS: 201 S Mt Vernon Ave.

CITY: Bakersfield, California 93307

NUMBER: (661) 321-3000

PLEASE SPREAD THIS AROUND AND SAVE A LIFE (If you live near this area). I would hate to know all these animals died and I did nothing to help.

Signal boosting!

I wanted to look into this because I do live near Bakersfield. Thing is, it’s not true. Yes, the animal shelter is closing one facility. That facility is closing because it’s moving due to being County operated and the loss of a contract with the City of Bakersfield. Adoption rates have been reduced to make the move easier, but they are not performing ANY euthanizations whatsoever as a direct result of this closure.

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i really like looking at google image searches for “firemen rescuing cats” or something because you get super cute pictures like







"THAT’S RIGHT TWAS I that set the house ablaze!!!”

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there’s playing piano, which is difficult

there’s ragtime piano, which involves difficult techniques and at its best involves lots of improvisations on a theme

then there’s stride piano, which involves no sheet music and is fully improvised along a basic melody and chord progression

then there’s stride piano duet, which involves no sheet music and is fully improvised along a basic melody and progression AND YOU CAN’T SEE YOUR DUET PARTNER’S BODY LANGUAGE

basically this is magic

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Here is Junia! This little hat is knit sideways and then embroidered with a leaf pattern. This is one of the patterns I am planning to include in an ebook that I hope to release this October.

I love the embroidery

Yes, I’ve been gone for a while, but this was too pretty to pass up.


It’s the gameplay mechanics that they become used to. The way that players instantly accelerate when they move, they don’t build up speed. “The weapons really don’t have a lot of power” [in RO2]. They’re all very weak. The way they handle… They’re like: “I hate Red Orchestra, I can’t play it.” Well, why? “Because the guy doesn’t move like he does in Call of Duty. Call of Duty has greatmovement.” Why is it great? “Because it just is, I just like the way it works.” So you don’t like the momentum system in Red Orchestra? “Yeah, it sucks, it’s clunky, it’s terrible.” Well, why? “It’s just because I’m used to this.”

I make it sound like there was a combative conversation, probably because I get a little emotional when I think about it. But it was really a calm discussion of, “What don’t you like?” and “It doesn’t feel like Call of Duty.” Almost every element boiled down to “it doesn’t feel like Call of Duty.” And really, watching some of these guys play… one of the things that Call of Duty does, and it’s smart business, to a degree, is they compress the skill gap. And the way you compress the skill gap as a designer is you add a whole bunch of randomness. A whole bunch of weaponry that doesn’t require any skill to get kills. Random spawns, massive cone fire on your weapons. Lots of devices that can get kills with zero skill at all, and you know, it’s kind of smart to compress your skill gap to a degree. You don’t want the elite players to destroy the new players so bad that new players can never get into the game and enjoy it. I’m looking at you, Dota. [laughs] Sorry.

But the skill gap is so compressed, that it’s like a slot machine. You might as well just sit down at a slot machine and have a thing that pops up an says “I got a kill!” They’ve taken individual skill out of the equation so much. So you see these guys—I see it all the time, they come in to play Red Orchestra, and they’re like “This game’s just too hardcore. I’m awesome at Call of Duty, so there’s something wrong with your game. Because I’m not successful at playing this game, so it must suck. I’m not the problem, it’s your game.”

Really interesting article that addresses many of the reasons I don’t enjoy FPS games like I used to, and it doesn’t even have to get into the shit-talking little pukes who ruin the online experience for so many other reasons.

Skill gap compression, as termed in this article, is pretty much my beef with the entire game development community as a whole right now. They all do it, not just FPS developers. (That’s primarily why I love games like Dark Souls and Fire Emblem—because they make spoiled gamers cry.)





don’t you understand

with meg gone

now the longest surviving characters besides sam and dean

are the ghostfacers


No, you don’t understand. Sam and Dean didn’t survive, they’ve died themselves.

Those two out-lived the Winchesters.


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